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Meet the founder of The Youth Booth

Toni McManus

Why Youth Work?
I began a career in Youth Work after losing my uncle Luke to suicide in 2013. Six days after my first child was born.

Luke was more like an older brother to me with only six years between us, we were always very close, especially as my dad took him in after their parents had both died. I felt that if Luke had better guidance in the years surrounding the deaths of both of his parents, he’d still be here today. He was a kind, happy soul with a troubled past who ended up in and out of prison, struggling with his mental health and eventually taking his own life.
My Experience
Being the eldest of 16 cousins, I’ve always enjoyed working with young people and felt building and
maintaining relationships with children and young people has come naturally to me.
Providing a Youth Service
Established February 2018
Having worked with Hertfordshire County Council’s Youth service for several years, whilst on maternity leave in 2017, I was informed that due to cuts in budget, by the time I was due to return to work - my role may have ceased to exist. Due to budget cuts making it nearly impossible to provide the service young people desperately needed, I decided I would start my own charity. 
I resigned from my paid job and The Youth Booth came into existence on 28/02/18 as an unincorporated association - a legal form of charity.

In June 2018 we had raised enough money to become a fully registered charity, which then gave us more credibility and opened us up to be able to apply for official grants and funding. 
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