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Hello again!

How are you? Are you feeling excited to be edging closer and closer to a bit of normality? I know I am!

Since March last year, our youth centre doors have remained closed and it’s been extremely tough not seeing the friendly faces and larger than life personalities of our young people.

However, where possible, we’ve managed to stay in contact with lots of them and they are managing well.
As town re-opened last week, we bumped into two of our elder young people who were adorned in a work uniform and heading to their new jobs! They hadn’t even left school when we last saw them, so it was quite an emotional but proud moment!

As you know, since the pandemic, we have adapted our services to suit the needs of the community and that has seen us primarily working around giving away free food.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic we’ve given over 15,000 packages out across the community, made up of food parcels, the 8035 free lunches we delivered throughout the third lockdown and also the free breakfasts we served from November-December.



We have now been running for 3 years and in that time we’ve worked across HP1, HP2 and HP3 areas of Hemel all from other peoples buildings. This has been brilliant but we can’t help but feel it has been restricting our full potential.

Therefore, we are extremely proud to announce that we have taken on our own permanent space which we’ll call The Youth Booth Community Hub.

We have lots planned for the hub, with activities and services to suit children and young people of all ages and also to support parents too!


At our hub, we will:

Continue to run the free breakfast service which we saw was greatly needed and appreciated at the end of 2020.

Run youth projects and drop in services.

Offer life skill workshops.

We will be creating a fun and engaging space for parents with under fives to come and socialise.

We also hope to generate a source of income by hosting fundraisers in the venue such as family games nights.

 Not only this but we’ll be able to offer work experience to young people and volunteering opportunities too.

We are really excited about this new, permanent venture but we need your support now more than ever!

A lot of grants that were previously available have been reallocated to help towards the Coronavirus Pandemic and/or cannot be used for projects that have already begun work.
This is where we need your support hope that you will get behind us in raising some funds to help it come to fruition.

Ways you can help

Donate via TEXT
Text YOUTHBOOTH to 70085 to donate £3
Text TYBFIVE to 70085 to donate £5


If you run a business, or know somebody that does, there are also many opportunities available to sponsor our charity and in return, we can offer a variety of marketing tools.

If you have any other suggestions, advice or questions, please do feel free to get in touch as we’re always available for a chat.

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